Thursday, May 05, 2011

Feeding Time

It's Thursday and that means feeding time in our house. I'm not a big fan of participating in the homicidal ritual of feeding live mice to our five beloved snakes, so I figured now was a great time to work on my blog! (I just can't get past feeding those cute little guys to anything even though it provides nourishment for something else.) Plus, I wanted to play with my new laptop :) I got some early birthday money (thanks Grandma!) and found an awesome last chance deal I just couldn't pass up at Wal-Mart. Gotta love Wally World! By the time I checked out, I ended up saving over $100 on an already inexpensive laptop, upgraded to a better carrying case that came with a free wireless mouse and Michael had dishes done and dinner was on the table when I got back-thanks babe! Can't beat that :) Well, actually it gets even better because the yard was mowed when I got home tonight too lol, which leaves me free to take baby girl on a much needed walk later. (Trust me, she needs it-one very spoiled dog = one very fat dog!) It's a nice enough evening weather wise  for it anyway. Hopefully it stays this way so we can go fishing again this weekend, too. I had a really great time last weekend :) We had dinner out at Red Lobster on Friday with Michael's brother and his mom. You can totally tell we don't get to town much or eat out at fancy places because we all had sticker shock after looking at the menu-holy cow that is freaking highway robbery for food! But after a whole day of fishing on Saturday, it was completely forgotten and I was relaxed. We didn't catch much but I think we all had a good time. Then, on Sunday, we went to see the new Fast Five movie. It was pretty good but I have a feeling this is going to be the Rocky of our generation. There's going to be another sequel. The movie did remind me that race season is coming up though :) I am so ready for it! Oh, how I have missed the rat rods, the burn outs, the drags, the smells and the sounds of the season. It's something Michael and I enjoy together. But, for tonight, I will have to settle on a quiet walk in the country...a nice way to end a good evening :)

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  1. Wise choice, blogging instead of planned homicide.. Sounds like Michael gave you a very nice day.